About Us

W. Interactive, Inc.

Founded in 1998, and having roots in both hardware and software, W. Interactive, Inc. has evolved into a full service multi-media agency. Today we offer services ranging from hosted application development, to full branding and marketing. 

With our core focus on the logistics industry, we are able to provide our clients with the unique opportunity to not only improve upon their technology, but enhance their brand identity at the same time.  From application and website development, to complete corporate branding (logos, brochures, business card, tradeshow displays, and more), the answer is W. Interactive.

In addition to our Logistics Enhancement Suite, we also offer the following services:


Programming Services:

• Hosted Application Development
• Mobile Platform Development
• Database Development

Design Services:
• Website Design & Animation
• Branding & Identity Development
• Graphic Design

Marketing Services:
• Search Engine Optimization
• Email Marketing
• Print Marketing

Photography & Video Production