One centralized app for

your drivers to manage

their daily workflow.

Itinerary Management
Signature Capture & POD Generation
Two-way Live Chat
Driver Portal

One centralized app for your drivers to manage their daily workflow.

Efficient Workflow Management that's Easy For Drivers to Use.

DiSC Mobile has been designed to enhance your driver's daily workflow, not slow it down. Too often software is technically challenging, and becomes a hinderance to productivity, rather than enhancing it. With DiSC Mobile, drivers simply login, view their itinerary, do the work, and update their progress with simplified actions. It’s as easy as tapping Arrive, Update, and Depart. It’s even easier if you're combing DISC Mobile with our activeMAP platform (activeMAP automatically arrives and departs the drivers).

Additionally, DiSC Mobile can confirm delivery or pickup via our signature capture feature. The consignee simply signs for the shipment right on the driver's phone or tablet, and we automatically generate the Proof of Delivery or Proof of Pickup documentation. If the consignee doesn’t want to sign the driver's device, they can take advantage of our remote signature technology and sign for the shipment directly on their own device. Regardless of the method they choose, the process is quick and easy.

Key Features Include:

  • Quick Access to Driver Itineraries, including Shipment Details, Instructions, & Directions.
  • Easily Perform Arrive, Update, & Depart Actions
  • Updated data and documents are immediately available in your TMS, allowing dispatch and drivers to stay connected.
  • Capture signatures for any event, and instantly generate the associated POD or POP.
  • Provide drivers with easy acces to documents from your TMS.
  • Instant two-way communication via activeCHAT.
  • When used in conjunction with activeMAP you will be able to see the real-time location of your drivers.
  • Driver Portal available when used in conjunction with activeTRAC.
  • Shipment activity and documents can be made available in real-time via activeTRAC.
  • Complete driver action history via the RipCMS admin - know exactly what they did, when and where they did it.
  • Simple time-clock functionality.